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MODx Content Management System | Home

MODx is an open source PHP Application Framework that helps you take control of your online content. It empowers developers and advanced users to give as much control as desired to whomever they desire for day-to-day website content maintenance chores.

OS X: Full-Screen Quicktime for free - no QT Pro upgrade needed.

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A simple script hack from Macworld that you can do yourself in less than a minute. "Is there a way to have QuickTime 7 play in full screen without paying for the pro version? Sure. Launch Script Editor and enter this..." This works great on my Macbook Pro.

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Installing Apache 2.0 and PHP 5 (and MySQL) on Windows XP

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He shows you how to install Apache and PHP on Windows XP, as well as how to set up a nice working environment. As a bonus, he also shows you how to install MySQL if you're interested. You can have a complete working server environment on your desktop and be …

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Reviews and free downloads at

The best things in life may be free, but most software isn't. Limited functionality, annoying adware, and pesky nag screens mean even most "free" software isn't actually without cost.

Anyone who has explored the world of free utilities knows the woes of saving …

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Hacking the Mac OSX Login Window

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Not only does this hack let you change the text of the login screen, but gives you a step-by-step to change the general appearance.

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HowTo: Subscribe to a Google Calendar using iCal

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I wrote this little tutorial for TUAW that gives you 9 easy steps to subscribe to any shared Google Calendar in everyone's favorite OS X calendar app: iCal.

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Accessing a Airport Network with a Windows XP

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Accessing a Airport Network with Windows XP

A great step-by-step guide to hooking that rouge PC up to your Airport wireless network. You are going to need the HEX Password Key which should be available from your network admin.

psst... hey network admins. You can find the HEX key for …

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Introducing the Dell De-Crapifier

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This is an article about a script that was created to remove unwanted software from a Dell PC. It can be run on a new PC to get rid of all the trialware that comes pre-installed. It runs completely unattended!

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Apple Boot Camp Public Beta Announced, Part of 10.5 Leopard

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More and more people are buying and loving Macs. To make this choice simply irresistible, Apple will include technology in the next major release of Mac OS X, Leopard, that lets you install and run the Windows XP operating system on your Mac. Called Boot Camp (for now), you can …

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A Windows users journey to Mac

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This blog is written by a Windows veteran, a Mac newbie, describing his switch to Mac from Windows. It's both slightly technical and very technical, ranging from IM clients to setting up PHP/MySQL.

Worth a read, especially for people considering a switch.

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