New Habits

Posted on September 20, 2016 in General News

I've had this blog for the past 13 years in some form or another. Its lived under a few different domains (,, and it's fun to look back at some of the old and out of date posts like the very first in 2003 on …

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Google Moderator

Posted on January 07, 2010 in General News

Let your audience decide

Get to know your audience by letting them decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most.

Everyone's voice is heard

The voting box at the top of page focuses attention on submissions recently added and on the rise, making it simple and easy to participate …

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Google PowerMeter

Posted on January 06, 2010 in General News

Google PowerMeter is a free electricity usage monitoring tool that provides you with information on how much energy your home is consuming. Google PowerMeter receives information from utility smart meters and in-home energy management devices and visualizes this information for you on iGoogle (your personalized Google homepage). And …

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maatkit - Google Code

Posted on February 03, 2009 in General News

Maatkit (formerly MySQL Toolkit) contains essential command-line tools for MySQL, such as table checksums, a query profiler, and a visual EXPLAIN tool. It provides missing features such as checking whether slaves have the same data as the master.

maatkit - Google Code.

Official Google Blog: Holiday templates to keep you organized

Posted on December 03, 2008 in General News

The holidays are upon us, and theres much to do: Gifts to be wrapped, lights to be strung, candles to be lit, and a long list of tasks at the home and the office. A little creativity can come in handy …

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ShellSQL - SQL for shell scripts

Posted on September 16, 2008 in General News

ShellSQL is a suite of programs designed to enable LINUX/UNIX shell scripts to connect to SQL engines and execute SQL queries and commands in a simple way enabling intergration with the rest of the script. For example, it can do things like..
#/bin/shHANDLE …

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Ubuntu Unleashed: The Top Security Tools in the Ubuntu with 1 click Installation!

Posted on June 26, 2008 in General News

Ubuntu Unleashed: The Top Security Tools in the Ubuntu Repositories you may not know about with 1 click Installation!

Here is a collection of security tools that you should look through to add to your arsenal to help keep the peace on your pc/network or unleash war on others …

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Google Web Toolkit - Google Code

Posted on June 12, 2008 in General News

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) makes it easier to write high-performance AJAX applications. You write your front end in the Java programming language and GWT compiles your source into highly optimized JavaScript. Writing web apps today is a tedious and error-prone process. You spend 90% of …

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Mac OS X Security Configuration Guides

Posted on June 03, 2008 in General News

The Security Configuration Guides provide an overview of features in Mac OS X that can be used to enhance security, known as hardening your computer.

The guides are designed to give instructions and recommendations for securing Mac OS X and for maintaining a secure computer …

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Posted on April 27, 2008 in General News enables you to create simple private exchange points called "drops."

The service has no email signup and no "accounts." Each drop is private, and only as accessible as you choose to deliberately make it. Create multiple drops, add any type of media, and …

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