Working with PHP 5 in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - Professional PHP

Posted on November 24, 2007 in How-to

Mac OS X is a great development platform for working with PHP. Leopard comes with Apache, PHP and many other development tools, such as subversion already installed. Leopard brings a much needed upgrade from Tigers tired PHP …

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Master Tutorial to Make Your Windows Super Fast

Posted on November 23, 2007 in How-to

This tutorial is meant for increasing the performance of Windows XP, either it can be a fresh installed windows or an old windows. Actually these r some tips/tricks, which I always apply whenever I do a fresh installation of windows. So here I’m sharing many of those tips-n-tricks …

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AutoArchive Exchange Account in Entourage -

Posted on November 21, 2007 in How-to

Move all e-mail older than 60 days from your Exchange account folders to archive folders within the "On My Computer" folder tree.

Download script


Save AutoArchive AppleScript to your Microsoft User Data folder: Entourage Script Menu Items.

1 …

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Time For A Grown-Up Server: Rails, Mongrel, Apache, Capistrano and You | codablog | Coda Hale

Posted on November 16, 2007 in How-to

More and more Rails developers are finding out that deploying a Rails application isn’t as simple as upload and rename; Rails apps work best when running all the time, and many Rails programmers are moving …

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Javablog » Apple OS X Leopard doesn’t have Java 6

Posted on November 16, 2007 in General News

And worse yet… if you installed the Java 6 beta release in Apple OS X Tiger, then when you upgrade Java won’t work at all! Read on if this has affected you…

The solution I used was to completely …

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Mac Mojo : How to open .docx on your Mac

Posted on November 16, 2007 in How-to

This is a stand-alone Macintosh application that converts .docx documents - that is, documents saved by Word 2007 for Windows in the Office Open XML file format - into rich text format RTF documents so that they can be automatically opened in either Word 2004 or Word v …

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Apache, mod_jk not serving tomcat

Posted on November 15, 2007 in How-to

I was trying to set up Apache mod_jk to serve up my jboss traffic without loadbalancing and I was running into the errors below. My machine is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 with Apache2.

[Wed Nov 14 19:00:28 2007][27581:63168] [debug] do_shm_open::jk_shm.c …

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How to Querying the RPM database -

Posted on November 12, 2007 in How-to

How to Querying the RPM database
As you already know, the RPM database contains a list of all installed RPM packages on your system. You can query this database to get info of the packages on your Linux system. To query a single …

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One Background Image, Many Applications

Posted on November 05, 2007 in How-to

Gradients are a popular choice for background images and they help out page weight in another significant way: they are repeatable. Take a look at the gradient below. To the left you can see how the gradient looks. To the right you can see that …

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Microsuck | Microsofts Really Hidden Files

Posted on November 02, 2007 in Hack

There are folders on your computer that Microsoft has tried hard to keep secret. Within these folders you will find two major things: Microsoft Internet Explorer has not been clearing your browsing history after you have instructed it to do so, and Microsofts Outlook Express …

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