Mac OS X Panther

Posted on July 02, 2003 in General News

Mac OS X Panther is set to roar onto the scene later this year, and itís something you donít want to miss. No matter how you use your Mac, Panther makes better, sporting improvements from head to paws. Learn more about the future today in this Sneak Preview, and stay tuned for more news of the future.

As a super-modern operating system, Mac OS X already combines the power and stability of Unix with the simplicity and elegance of the Macintosh. Its gorgeous user interface, Aqua, brings your desktop to life with expressive icons, vibrant color and fluid motion. Cutting-edge graphics technologies offer capabilities beyond anything ever seen in a desktop operating system. At the foundation of Mac OS X lies an industrial-strength, Unix-based core operating system, called Darwin, that delivers unprecedented stability and performance. And only with Mac OS X can you run Microsoft Office, Quark XPress and Adobe Photoshop, browse a Windows network and use Unix commands ó at the same time.

--taken from the Apple Web Site