CherryPy - Trac

Posted on November 14, 2008 in How-to

CherryPy   - CherryPy is a pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework.

CherryPy allows developers to build web applications in much the same way they would build any other object-oriented Python program. This results in smaller source code developed in less time.

CherryPy is now more than six years old and it is has …

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Enhance your Blog Design with JQuery

Posted on October 05, 2008 in How-to

JQuery is a JavaScript library that simplies event handling, animation, Ajax interactions and much more. The WordPress admin uses JQuery to enhance a variety of sections - the show/hide tabs in the Write page, the lightbox for the media uploader. So it’s …

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Zero to Continuous Integration with Windmill | Adam Christian

Posted on September 30, 2008 in How-to

Following ‘automation’ and ‘continuous integration’ in the micro blogging world I have seen a major influx in people being super interested in functionally automating their web apps. I have seen a slew of things about Grid, and Selenium, and people hacking on …

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Mac Automation: Quickly add to-dos/events to iCal- The Unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW

Posted on September 29, 2008 in How-to

How many times have you been watching TV and wanted to quickly add a to-do or event maybe both to iCal? In this Mac Automation post, Im going to show you how to create both a to-do …

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Easy Automated Web Application Testing with Hudson and Selenium » Vitamin Features »

Posted on September 12, 2008 in How-to

What will you get out of this article? Our set-up achieves the following:
  • It checks our Subversion repository every hour to see if anyone has committed any changes.
  • If they have, it updates the project from Subversion and builds …

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Installing Apache Tomcat 6 on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Posted on September 01, 2008 in How-to

Installing Apache Tomcat 6 on OS X 10.5 Leopard is primarily a matter of downloading the appropriate packages and then following the installation instructions. However, you will have to make a few modifications to some make scripts and …

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All about Linux: Enabling and disabling services during start up in GNU/Linux

Posted on August 19, 2008 in How-to

In any Linux distribution, some services are enabled to start at boot up by default. For example, on my machine, I have pcmcia, cron daemon, postfix mail transport agent ... just to name a few, which start during …

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The Power of GIT | Innovation On The Run

Posted on July 16, 2008 in How-to

Started working with git for the first time last week and I am really impressed at how powerful the tool is.  I’ve been interested in using a distributed version control system like git, darcs, or mercurial for a while, but I …

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Posted on July 03, 2008 in How-to

One problem you may encounter in using the Windows Defragmenter program is “unmovable files” (the green bars) placed in an inconvenient location (on the right side of the display, at the end of your disk). The two most common …

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Amazon EC2 Basics For The Curious | Django Aware

Posted on June 25, 2008 in How-to

Amazon EC2 Basics For The Curious | Django Aware

Amazon EC2 Basics For The Curious By Paul Kenjora | June 3, 2008

For those of you wondering what it would be like to host and maintain a an application on Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) here is a basic list of …

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