"The Get Down" of Operations

Posted on September 19, 2016 in Experience

The Get Down is a Netflix miniseries about a group of kids in the Bronx New York during that summer of 1977 when Disco was dying and Hip Hop/Rap was being born. Life was hard in NYC in the '70s. The Bronx was burning and you had to hustle to survive.

Systems Operations is not like dodging bullets in the boogie down but you do need to be street smart and hustle to survive. Urban decay, absentee landlords, abandoned buildings are synonymous to technical debt, out of date legacy systems, and orphaned applications and tools. You don't learn in school about containerization, cutting edge automation and working with your crew. You learn those things by busting your ass, doing your work and keeping your eyes and ears open.


'I can do both'

If you wanna be a true DJ, conquer your street. Conquer your park. Conquer your neighborhood, conquer your borough. Conquer your city. And the world is yours. So, battle. -Grandmaster Flash

This ain’t Disneyland, this shit is the fucking Bronx. Either you be strong, or you be gone. All I find, all I keep. Either you beat the world, or you get beat. -Shaolin Fantastic