Mac mini dual monitors using DualHead2Go -

Posted on May 08, 2008 in How-to

When we first set up the office here in NYC, we made an early decision to go with Apple products for development. Now don't get me wrong, I love Apple, indeed I am a recent inductee into the Apple Fan Club. However, I have noticed a few... insufficiencies with the platform, many of which have little to do with the company itself. For example, the lack of a good time management system (apologies to iBiz).

Aside from my minor grievances on the software grounds, I have been a pretty happy customer. Except for one thing. The total lack of upgradability in the Mac Mini.

Now, I'm not retarded. I understand that the target market for the mini is not expected to have a 300GB drive, or 4GB of ram in the system. Hell, they're not expected to do one damn thing to it. I understand all this, but it still frustrates me that not only is it difficult to perform many of these upgrades, some of them are downright impossible.

Or are they?