Google Pack of usefull tools

Posted on January 06, 2006 in Uncategorized

Official Google Blog: Make your computer just work

So you bought a new PC for yourself or a relative during the holidays. There was the initial excitement about its speed and the nice screen %u2013 and then it came time to actually get it running. Which meant embarking on some real work -%u2013 downloading a browser, a couple of multimedia players, a PDF reader, a toolbar, and maybe something for voice and instant messaging. Don%u2019t forget the anti-spyware and anti-virus apps %u2013 you%u2019ve got to have those. Hours, maybe even days, go by. How many wizards have you clicked through, not to mention license agreements and preference pickers? And then you have to ask: did I get everything? And how am I going to keep all of this up to date? This was the experience both Sergey and Larry had a year ago. And they%u2019re computer guys, after all. Which led them to ask more of us to make it easier for everyone. So we created the Google Pack -- a one-stop software package that helps you discover, install, and maintain a wide range of essential PC programs. It%u2019s yours today %u2013 and it%u2019s something we hope you find to be painless, easy, and even fun (if computer setup can ever be called that). And it%u2019s free.