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Posted on September 12, 2008 in How-to

What will you get out of this article? Our set-up achieves the following:
  • It checks our Subversion repository every hour to see if anyone has committed any changes.
  • If they have, it updates the project from Subversion and builds it.
  • It then creates a clean version of our application database, loads in reference data and deploys the application on our app server.
  • A job is triggered that runs through a series of tests in a remotely-controlled web browser on the fresh application.
  • Anything that deviates from the accepted norm is logged and screenshots of the web browser are taken.
  • Screenshots of the browser are also taken for key pages of the site for later checking by a human.
  • If any of the tests fail, the developers responsible for the changes are notified by email of the problems.
  • Our issue tracker is updated with any issues that were fixed in the build.