Customize the iDVD background Apple Logo – – Customize the iDVD background Apple Logo
As you may know, iDVD includes (by default) the Apple logo watermark on your DVD. You can disable this in the General section of iDVD’s preferences. In my case, however, I wanted the watermark, but I didn’t want it to be the Apple logo. Here’s how to change it (you’ll need the Developer Tools installed to do this):

1. Quit iDVD if it’s running, then make a backup of the program.
2. Control-click on in the Finder, and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu.
3. Navigate into Contents/Resources.
4. Edit the file watermark.tif to your satisfaction, retaining the pretty translucency.
5. Open Watermark.qtz by double-clicking on the file; it should open in Quartz Composer.
6. Click on the patch that says Watermark.
7. Click on Patch Inspector in the Toolbar, then choose Settings.
8. Import the watermark.tif file you just edited.
9. Save the file and restart iDVD.

I had to restart iDVD several times, but eventually, the Apple logo was replaced with with my own translucent background logo.


  1. OK, i’m a newbie for sure…
    I attempted to follow the above instructions, but it didn’t work . . .I couldn’t modify the watermark.tif file, so i created a new one and replaced it with the same filename…when i tried to open the .qtz file , it didn’t have an app to open…
    i must be missing applications, and wasn’t able to find downloads, or wasn’t sure which ones to use… from quartz composer (i found it was supposed to be with my tiger package??) … and the developer tools – there were a bunch on the apple site and I had no idea what i needed… please advise!!

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