Please backup your hard drive now… twice – goodCRIMETHINK

Please backup your hard drive now… twice at goodCRIMETHINK
There is a tightness in my chest, and I am crying right now. I have just suffered a catastrophic data loss for the second time in my life. Fool me once, shame on, shame on, fool me can’t get fooled again, or something like that.

In college, a freak transformer explosion and subsequent power surge killed my hard drive. From that point on, I swore to always back up my data, and mostly I did just that. As of mid this summer, I had a ridiculous mirrored RAID drive setup with external SATA drives and all sorts of doohickies. I had about 1 terabyte of data backed up locally and had started to upload it offsite to a service called Mozy. But then I started selling off my desktop in preparation for my move from Boston to NYC. I purchased a LaCie 1TB Big Disk and put all my media files and documents from my “Atlas” drive on it. That drive literally held my world on its shoulders.


  1. I should also add that I’m doing a version of this idea for backing up to a remote Dreamhost server, besides a full clone every week or so to a hard drive. The Dreamhost backup only contains mail, Desktop, and Documents folder, but it would be enough to get me restarted in the event of disaster. I’m also planning to start doing a second drive clone to alternate with the other one, so that I’m not overly dependent on a single drive for backups.

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