Best Practices: Operations

AFP548 – Best Practices: Operations

The Mac OS X Server community tends to be an odd one in the larger IT world. It isn’t because of the relative scarcity of our OS, or the strange hardware, it’s because the sysadmins are often not sysadmins. The people tasked with Mac OS X Server are often educators, video editors, or bus drivers who have been pressed into service as the Mac OS X Server sysadmin; often for no reason more than they were reading MacAddict at lunch. Because of this sysadmin conscription I often find that the people waging the good fight lack training in the practices of IT administration. Furthermore they are often not required to conform to the practices of the organization as a whole since they are running “Those MAC servers…” and are excluded.

This article seeks to help set a level of best practices for operations regardless of the size of your organization.

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